About us

Het BTW huis BV in Doetinchem (Retourtax, BTW Consult Nederland and VAT compliance Europe) aims at being the address for Dutch and international companies regarding all possible Value Added Tax matters.

For this reason our eyes are fixed upon engaging highly educated academic (fiscal-juridical) employees and continuously internal training. An excellent knowledge of foreign languages is put first (native speakers), because the world is our market.

The interest of our clients is always taken at the first place. Satisfied clients is our highest goal.

We are a team of VAT specialists with more than 24 years experience. From 1985 Retourtax takes care of VAT refund claims for a large number (appr. 1.000) of clients from the Netherlands and other countries. These clients vary from large multinationals from Europe, USA, Japan, China, Canada, Korea etc. till smaller companies from all over the world.

We are member of the International VAT Association in London and VAT Forum in Brussels and we work together with a number of leading Dutch organisations.

Het BTW Huis company profile

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